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Facelift Facials

Sagging skin,wrinkles,fine lines could be improved without freezing injection and obviously without pain.You will not see instant result,but equally ,step by step it will increase collagen profuction over time.Like your bodies muscles change slowly after 10 gym sessions ,your facial muscles will change too. It is great for everyone looking alternative to Botox.The first thing you need to know is that microcurrent facial treatment ,LPG and RF treatments don't feel like your average facial.You shouldn't expect to be pampered,massaged and relaxed(but some clients manage to sleep) during the treatment.I would recommend Facelift Facials to those in their mid-thirties to fifties who want to look younger with no downtime at all.The treatment time is about 50 min. and is actually quite relaxing .Particular attention will be given to the skin around lips,cheeks,eyes and jaw.Please,flagge up your problem areas if you want to focus on something in particlar.

The course of treatments is usually recommended.

Our Facelift Facials :

Microcurrent Facial treatment 1h £45

Microcurrent Facial+Oxygen 1h15min. £75

LPG lifting Facial 45 min. £50

Delux MicroDermabrasion + RF 50 min.£70

The right skin-tech can rejuvenate and lift the complexion,all what we need as we get older. If Botox, something what you don't want to get into on a regular basis or just yet ,this is what you need. With all this in a mind we propose you non-injectable freshning of the comlexion to keep it looking youthful and vibrant. So many Hollywood stars considered those treatments for tight,radiant,ageless skin.

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