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Face Care Treatments

Dermalogica Bespoke  Facial (6o mins)£65.00

For regular clients only, which booked  facial every 4weeks


Our Dermalogica bespoke facial includes a face map, double-cleanse, steam, exfoliation, professional machine treatment(depends on skeen needed) tone and moisturiser. Very good for busy ladies,who has lack of time,but want to keep them skin up to date.

Dermalogica Deluxe Facial - £75.00  (1hr 15min)

Depends on skin condition we will use professional products from 4 ranges: AGE Smart, UltraCalming, MediBac, Power Bright TRx.


Face map, double-cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extraction, massage, mask, moisturiser, including galvanic electrical treatment with vacuum suction.

Luxury Diamond Microdermabrasion (50-60mins)          £55.00


One of our most popular treatments. Suitable for any skin. Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps with the removal of post-acne spots, pigmentation and scarring

Micro-current Facial Tonning(Non-surgical facelift treatment) (50 mins)   £50


Lifts and tones muscles, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin radiant.The most popular treatment in our clinic, helps you look younger.

Luxury Crystal Microdermabrasion (4o-50 mins)   £65.00


Microdermabrasion can be used highly effectively for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, acne scars, sun damage and much more. 

Ultrasonic Cleaner (3o mins)          £40.00


Removes dead skin cells, smoothes wrinkles, treats pimples, mild pigmentation and leaves a clearer complexion.

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